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Yan Emperor Park in Paoki

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After the last passage that i described my trip from Shenzhen to Guangdong ,i finally reached my destination. When my friend came to pick me up in the hotel, we got on the bus in Paoki the first time in my life, it is 1 yuan per one; on our way back home, she told me many stories about this city, i have to say that whether in Paoki is rather different from Shenzhen, the sky seems higher and air is much fresher. As for Paoki, it is an important branch of Chinese culture with more than 8 thousand civilization and 2,770 years of building history, as hometown of Yan Emperor and country workmanship & art, the original place of bronze ware and Zhou & Qin civilization, there are bells and drums everywhere in the street, we went to the Yan Emperor Park when we finish our breakfast, the water fountain started to dance once we stepped into the gate, but it stopped for a while and when we came close to it and try to find out why, it started to dance again suddenly to water us wet, my friend was creaming, happily and excited, but for the weather there was dry, we soon became dry from the wet.

Walking along the tranquil canal in the park, there are birds singing and dancing, some local old men were sitting on the bamboo bench to play the Erh-Hu, we stop for a while to appreciate this and moved forward. Once we arrived at the Haunted house, we decided to have a try about this as we never came in a house like this before. It was not the peak tourism time and there were no other tourists but we two, the house seemed nothing to be afraid when we moved into the gate as it is quiet and had no other terrible voices, however, when we just move about two or three steps, there came a loud and horrible voice that we both scared to death and shouted greatly for the poor preparation, my friend even started to cry and she said she does't want to try again in her lifetime, it makes me laugh every time i think of this.

The next stop was the iron chain carrying, as soon as we moved by this item, we wanted to have a try about the feeling when flying from here to there with an iron chain, but we became afraid again when we climbed to the top of the wooden shed, it was so tall, especially it is the lake that we were gonna fly across. My friend wanted to regret but i drove her back, i was the first one to try this, once the worker lose his hand and pushed me out, i was screaming with fear at first but soon it turned into thrilling, it was amazing liked i were hanging and flying in the air, i even wanted to try again. The workman there told us that when winter arrives, water in the lake becomes ice, many people will come and go skiing on it.

We finally reached the Yan Emperor temple, we needed to climb as steps there were plenty, which was so holy and sacred as if we were heading to worship the emperor in the palace, and along the steps' sides, there were mass stone pillars with patterns of dragon and bells, making you feel like you were in the ancient period but not 21st century. There is also a street with ancient bronze ware bells opposite the Yan Emperor Park.

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