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Yanan is Revolutionary Holy Land of China

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The Huangdi Mausoleum, Yellow River Hukou Falls, culture of losses and Revolutionary Holy Land of China enjoy high popularities in the world. Yanan is located in the Loess Plateau of Shaanxi Province, which is the birthplace of Chinese civilization. The mausoleum of Huangdi nestled in the peak of Qiaoshan, was known by descendants as the "human ancestor.”

In addition, Yanan occupies a very important and special position in the modern history of China as the revolutionary sites. There are 140 revolutionary relics, such as: the headquarters of the CPC-Central Military Commission and the Eighth Route Army - wangjiaping; Phoenix Mountain site; and the Pagoda Hill, Yangjialing, Zaoyuan and other places.

The following are details of itinerary and photos:

(Regarding this journey of Yanan, we only went to wangjiaping and Yangjialing because the time was limited. And we viewed Pagoda Hill and Qingliangshan in a distant and watched cultural performance in wangjiaping, including Xin Tian You, dancing, Ansai waist drum and so on. )

This first stop of Hukou Waterfall tour was the first day to the Huangdi Mausoleum, Xuanyuan Temple, Hukou Waterfall, stayed overnight in Hukou. We got up early at 6:00 am the next day to Yanan, and just saw the torrential water of yellow river from the peak. 

We had breakfast in a rural inn on the way to Yan’an. Since we were not familiar with this environment and felt curious, we took photo of this scene.

We were so lucky to see the sunset of Yan’an.

The Loess Plateau gave us different impression.

The Jiangnan of Shaanxi—Nanni Bay. The guide told us it’s not the Nanni Bay. This is just a jurisdictional area of Nanni Bay.

We arrived in Yan’an! It’s Qingliangshan, Which was inscribed by Marshal Chen Yi.

We could not see clearly about the Pagoda Hill, is this river called Wei River?

Pagoda Hill

Yan’an News Memorial Hall

Xinhua bookstore with the local feature

It appeared many tall buildings in Peach Garden in Wangjiaping, and I felt it’s really unharmonious.

Wangjiaping—Hall of CPC Central Military Commission

The hall inside

Tourists did the yangko dance with the local artists

The show of Ansai waist drum 

Wangjiaping- the old house of Mao Zedong 

The treatment for chairman—A similar fireplace 

The bathtub chairman used.

The chairman’s reading room

Chairman’s bedroom

The wicket between reading room and bedroom

Wangjiaping—the meeting room of the General Political Department

Meeting room inside

Yan’an Cigarettes Factory

Yangjialing—Zhou Enlai’s former residence

Yangjialing—Zhou Enlai’s bedroom

This is Premier’s reading room.

Yangjialing—Mao Zedong’s former residence

 Chairman Mao’s bedroom in Yangjialing

 Chairman Mao’s reading room in Yangjialing

This filed was cultivated by Chairman Mao.

The General Office of the Central Committee is exquisite.

Look down from upon; I felt it is really a beautiful building.

It is the main entrance of general office.

Inside the general office.

The well outside the general office.

The Central Auditorium.

Inside the Central Auditorium.

The four words—Tong Xin Tong De (means stick together and have the same faith) on the back wall of Central Auditorium were inscribed by Chairman Mao.

The above are all my notes of this Xian tour.

Then we went back to Xi’an by car which cost us five hours. This first stop of Hukou Waterfall tour was the first day to the Huangdi Mausoleum, Xuanyuan Temple, Hukou Waterfall, stayed overnight in Hukou.

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