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Yaoli Ancient Town in Jingdezhen

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Jingdezhen should be the primary travel destination when you are going for a porcelain tour. But if you want to search deep about the culture and tradition of porcelain making, Yaoli Ancient Town is a place should not miss out.

Situated about 61 kilometers northeast of Jingdezhen City, the Yaoli Ancient Town has rich tourism resources to attract people there. Constructed in Western Han Dynasty (206 B.C- 25 A.D.), this ancient town has a long history and thick culture in porcelain making. Yaoli was used to be the original place for raw material of porcelains for Jingdezhen, and it was also the distribution center for tea and rice in the ancient, thus Yaoli is reputed as "the original place of the porcelain, the hometown of tea and the sea of forests".

When coming to Yaoli Ancient town, the historical and strong-rooted porcelain civilization. You will see numerous ancient mine pits, kiln sites, ancient workshops and ancient wharfs in the town. Some are located in a group, some are scattered around the town, some stand along the river, telling how prosperous porcelain making was at this ancient town.

Yaoli Ancient Town is actually a typical ancient town that are filled with Hui styled architecture. Pink walls and green tiles, the flying eaves and uplifting corners with wooden carvings and flower patterns in the window and pillar, these are typical ancient Hui style architecture in Yaoli. They nestle to the mountains or stand along the riverside, though the long history has passed, thought the glorious history has gone, they stand still there for longing the culture and civilization of Yaoli Town.

Yaoli Ancient Town also has beautiful natural scenery. It is surrounded by mountains in the south and north with the Yao River flowing through the town. At this old and ancient town, it is a green world with green mountains and dense forests, waterfalls and valleys. All these elegant single scenery are harmoniously blended into the peaceful ancient world, with the ancient porcelain civilization to charm people there. The Wanghu Ecological Scenic Area and Meiling Resort are top natural tourism attractions in Yaoli Ancient Town.

Just walking along the river to see old people sitting in front of the ancient houses, experience at those left behind kiln sites and workshops, touch those washed architecture and admire the Shi Gang Sheng Lan and the Former Residence of Chengyi, or listen to a local opera in the ancient ancestral hall, enjoy a cup of tea, or explore at the primitive forest in the backward mountain, these are what to enjoy at Yaoli Ancient Town.

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