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Yellow River Forest Park

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As the second-longest river in Asia, yellow river has long been recognized as “ the cradle of Chinese civilization”. It is the waters of the river and its spirit that nurture the whole Chinese nation. For thousands of years, this river has been admiring by literary giants, artists, as well as by the common people. There’re many legends about it. In ancient times, it was believed that the Yellow River flowed from Heaven as a continuation of the Milky Way.

We were heading to the Yellow River Forest Park this Saturday. I checked the weather on Friday night before to make sure nothing would go wrong. It’s located right besides the yellow river bank. We got there early but the park was already packed with tourists. There were different statues lying on the grass that were carved as 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs. The 12 signs had been very popular since ancient time, there are mouse, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, rooster and pig. From my knowledge, it got nothing in common with the western 12 constellations.

After a short walk, we came to the racetrack. So many nice-looking horses! Horse was my thrid favorite animals, that comes after panda and penguin. I couldn't remember how many times I'd been dreaming of riding on a white horse besides the beach, under the blue sky. Well, half of my dream came true today, maybe a quarter to half, I wasn't lucky enough to chose a white horse, mine was a deep brown young horse. I was listening very carefully when the horse-riding trainers gave us instruction and warning. I was a little bit nervous at first,I couldn't even move on the back. 2 minutes later, I felt better and started thinking over what trainers said. I felt like I got wings to fly with it’s running so fast. Horse-riding is definitely the best entertainment sports ever.

Time to experience childhood all over again! I got off from the horse and headed to Children's Playground. There were over 60 entertainment projects like trampoline, slides, maze, seesaw, rope ladders, hammocks, fishing, shooting games and so many more. My favorite and super fun, of course, is trampoline. Happy laughters were filled with air.

From the distane, I could see the yellow river bank. In the vast flat beach, there was full of people having fun. Some were driving beach buggy, kids were digging in the sand with colorful plastic shovels,others were swimming in the river. We took off shoes and socks, walking on the soft sand with bare feet.

There was a large barbecue area with more than 100 stands. But you have to pay very expensive price to use barbecue stoves and other tools. I could smell the fragrance of the food, I so wanted to try some. Then I went to roller skating land, kids were wearing roller skating and enjoyed themselves so much. I wish someone could teach me how to roller skate. 

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