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Yesanpo Scenic Area around Beijing

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Yesanpo Scenic Area is situated in Laishui County, Baoding City of Hebei province. It is located in the west of Beijing and it only takes two hours from Beijing to Yesanpo Scenic Area, this is why Yesanpo Scenic Area has been quite a popular tourist destination around Beijing and in Hebei Province.



As Yesanpo Scenic Area stands in the intersection area of Taihang Mountain and Yanshan Mountain, it has been blessed with peculiar and beautiful natural scenery. The whole area occupies 520 square kilometers. Within the area, there are magnificent mountains, clear rivers, peculiar gorges, strange rocks, and historical and cultural sites to enjoy in Yesanpo. Yesanpo is featured with magnificence, steepness, peculiarity and tranquility. It not only has the grandness and crudeness of northern China landscapes, but also it has the elegance of southern China landscapes, this is how Yesanpo is reputed as “China’s Northern Guilin”.

Every mountain and water in Yesanpo is not only the gift of the nature; also they are the harmonious combination of the nature and human. Here at Yesanpo you can experience the close connection between human and nature.

Yesanpo Scenic Area is consisted of 7 scenic spots. They are Bailixia Gorge, Juma River, Baicaopan Forest, Yugu Cave, Longmentianguan, Jinhua Mountain and Yesanpo Lavender theme park.



Bailixia Gorge

Bailixia Gorge is the main scenic spot in Yesanpo. Bailixia Gorge is reputed as “the first gorge under heaven” with its magnificent peaks and peculiar rocks. Bailixia Gorge actually consists of the three gorges of Xiezi Gorge, Haitang Gorge and Shixuan Gorge. Bailixia is a great place to escape from the summer heat because of its deep valleys and fresh air. Also it is great choice for hiking, but it may take hours from the bottom to the top. Bailixia is quite changeable and brings a lot of surprises. It is elegant sometimes but may be quite crude somewhere. Or the unique terrain and peculiar rocks, towering waterfall and antique wooden plank, and those interesting entertainments would satisfy both physical and psychological excitement. Drifting, rafting, horse-riding and bungee jumping all are available at Bailixia Gorge.


Juma River

With a length more than 35 kilometers running through Yesanpo, Juma River is a great scenic area to relax and have fun. There are mountains and peaks standing on both sides of Juma River and it is a great fun to raft along the river and enjoy the picturesque scenery along the bank.


Baicaopan Forest

Baicaopan Forest is an excellent place to enjoy the marvelous of vegetation and plants. In different season, you will catch the spectacular of different flowers. The tremendous of apricot or azealous flowers, or when an autumn of golden, all these would certainly stun you.


The magical and tranquil Bailixia Gorge, the magnificent and risky Longmentianguan, the fairy Baicaopan, the mysterious Yugu Cave, or the dynamic Juma River, whatever experience you want Yesanpo would find your way out. 

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