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Yili Lavender of Xinjiang

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To most of people, Lavender is related to dreaming place, romantic, sea of purple, and France. Almost every young girl has ever dreamt of strolling in the lavender field. Lavender, Provence from France came to the Ili vanilla wizard, in Yili has been reproduced over 40 years to take root.

It's such an enjoyment to imagine walking in the fields of bright purple and delicate mauve under a deep blue sky. Take a deep breath, experience the true scent and color of lavender, and feel lost in the stunning sight of the Plateau. But actually except for world renowned Provence Lavender Fields, tourists could also find dreamy beautiful lavender fields in the mysterious Yili Valley in China. Yili Valley is located in Yining, Xinjiang Province which lies in the northwestern part of China. It takes about 1 hour to fly to Yining from Urumqi, the capital city of Xinjiang Province with splendid natural and cultural tourism resource.

Besides dreamy beautiful lavender field, Yining will never disappoint those who are also interested to explore marvelous natural scenery. Attractions nearby include Guozi Valley (the gate to Central Asia and Europe on the ancient North Silk Road), Sayram Lake (with a romantic story about the teardrop of a maiden), Nalati Grasslands (one of the best grassland in the world), and Huiyuan Ancient Town (political, military and economic center of ancient Xinjiang). As Yining is situated to the North to Kashgar, Kanas Lake with several legends and magnificent scenery is obviously a good choice to go.
Lavender only blooms at summer around mid-June to August, the full-bloom time is around mid-July. For the holidaymakers who love to have a comfortable lavender tour, early summer is a good choice because it is warm but not at its hottest. After late July famers will begin to harvest lavender.

Maybe you’ll see nothing if you go there right now, but don’t get depressed, there are other attractions beautiful in every season. Sayram Lake (Sailimu Hu), north of Yining, is a beautiful, large lake area. It is a perfect place to go hiking or riding. The land around Sayram Lake stretches green and vast, overflowing with vigor. The area around Sayram Lake is perfect for grazing and raising cattle, so you may meet farmers chasing after their cattle in sunny days. Every July and August, the local Mongolian and Kazakh herdsman hold a grand festival, known as the Nadam Festival.

In 2010, Naadam was inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO. As the biggest festival of the Mongolian year, Naadam Festival is celebrated in Mongolia nationwide on July 11-13. Mongolians love to dress in their best traditional costumes and riding on their most beautiful horses during Naadam. Naadam begins with an elaborate introduction ceremony featuring dancers, athletes, horse riders, and musicians. After the ceremony, the competitions begin.

Wrestling, Horse racing, Archery are competed during Naadam. With every competitor giving every effort to win the game, the competition is quite exciting.
Romantic hug in the lavender sea is the most beautiful imagination of every girl about love. Thus, make you date in beautiful June with Yili.

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