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Yuan Xiao Ends on a High!

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It may only seem like yesterday that Chinese New Year was just around the corner and now Yuan Xiao is fast approaching! Celebrated on the 15th of the lunar calendar Yuan Xiao which is also known as the Lantern Festival. To mark the end of the Chinese New Year there are lantern displays with lanterns made of all shapes and sizes. There are also firework displays to celebrate the finale of the wonderful holiday!


Apart from the lanterns there is always some delicious gourmet to follow. Though on this very day what is eaten varies through the different regions of China. However, in most places glutinous rice balls with a paste filling will be eaten. One important thing to note is the difference between the north and the south. In the north of China it is called Yuan Xiao and in the south it is known as Tang Yuan. Eating these little sweet treats symbolize the unity of a family and what a better way to end the festival than with your family.


So it’s now time to prepare for the arrival of spring and the beginning of a prosperous new year!  

Lanterns light up the night skyline. 

Remember to eat your Yuan Xiao and Tang Yuan on the 15th! 




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