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Yuelu mountain tips

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Yuelu mountain is an attractive scenic zone with thousands history. When I was a little my dad always telling me the story about this place, therefore I look forward to visit this place so much. But prepare for a trip well is not an easy job, especially the strange place.

Tip 1 : Opening Times of Yuelu Mountain

The Yuelu mountain doesn’t like the other scenic zone, has a few of opening systems. This place just has one opening system, they open this place at the same time in each season and everyday.

The opening time of the Yuelu mountain is around 6:00 to 23:00.

Tip 2 : Tickets

The Yuelu mountain has no enter ticket, then you could get in the scenic zone in free of charge. But you need to pay some other project still, and these projects have attraction ticket also, check the below for details:

A. Attraction ticket

The ropeway project sales 50% of middle and primary school students, and the tour group ( above 20 people as a group) could enjoy 70% ticket.

B. Regular ticket

1. Ropeway Project

There is a ropeway project which service the tourist inside, but it is not free of charge and this traffic fee is different between single way and round-trip way, in addition the back way is not the same as the single way ticket. But the student and the tour group could have attraction ticket ( check it on Previous paragraph) , you could check the full ticket details below:

The single way ticket is charging 30 RMB for each adult.

The back way ticket is charging 25 RMB for each adult.

The round-trip way ticket is charging 50 RMB for each adult.

2. Sightseeing Bus

The sightseeing bus is charging the same for everybody as 10 RMB.

Tip 3: Traffic

The Yuelu Mountain scenic zone is located in the city center of Changsha, there are a lot of buses could arrive the Yuelu Mountain zone. Compare with the other city, the taxi in Changsha is very cheap, then take a taxi is a great choice for you too.

Tip 4: Contact Information 

Address: No.58, Denggao Road, Changsha city, Hunan province
Telephone: 0731-88825011

Tip 5: Best Time for Traveling

The best time for watching the red leaves in Yuelu Mountain is around end of November to early December, due to the temperature’s go down, there might be a little bit delay or ahead. And Aiwai Pavilion is the perfect place to enjoy such pretty nature scenery, even this place is charging for free. But i would like to tell you that there is no parking space basically, because people is everywhere. If you were lucky to have a parking space, please remember that this parking space is not free.

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