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Yueya Spring of Great Charm in the Desert

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Yueya Spring (Crescent Spring) is a picturesque lake that stands on the Singing Sand Dunes. It is located at the foot of the mountain that is a crystal-clear lake shaped like the crescent moon, hence comes the beautiful name the Crescent Moon Lake. Yueya Spring was an ancient name for "Manhole". It's considered to be one of the eight scenic sights of Dunhuang since the Han Dynasty.

It's recorded that Yueya Spring is nearly 50 meters from north to south and 5 meters deep on the average. The name Yueya Spring originated from the fact that it shapes like a crescent. The finest spring on the desert gives you a fresh and sweet taste that you can never taste elsewhere. It's said that Yueya Spring never gets covered up by sand, peat and glacial drift. It's a fine lake spectacle on the livelong desert. Surrounded by the sand hills, the spring is blessed with some types of green plants that will thrive even in the sand hill areas. Whether you choose to stand on the top of the mountain and get a bird's-eye view of the spring, or you choose to take a pleasure trip to the spring, it could give free rein to your thoughts and feelings.

In addition, Yueya Spring never overflows after long-lasting rain or approaches drying up after a long drought. Let us now introduce the wonderful Yueya Spring that is so different and so natural as will prove more amusing and worthwhile. Sheltered by thick flickering leaves of aspens and weeping willows, some stunning buildings stand nearby Yueya Spring.

Yueya Spring is a spring of clear water that is slightly flowing by the sand hills, the most wonderful in the world. Visitors could feel that crystal-clear water that remains at a constant level would be a nice enough substitute for coffee. The spring sees from high in the sky be a luxuriantly tremendous spectacle. The water of the spring is green and clear. The green and transparent varieties of water and the green hills are called gems of human arts.

There was the aura of limitless freedom distilled from the rolling sweep of all rushes swaying and glinting in the wind and sun. The placid water swept round in a graceful curve. The rushes nearby the spring side bent gently towards its surface. You stretched a vista of the sluggish spring by ending in glimpses of a reed-fringed lagoon.

The water and fire can no longer coexist; the same is the case with the desert and oasis, while Yueya Spring that shapes like the new moon located on the yellow sand. It looks like a new moon that could cast pale silver beams on the surface of the desert, adding to its coolness. Outside the night was very quiet and still, and the new moon lay quietly in the bosom of the sand hills for thousands of years. The squall hits the desert from time to time, like a slap staggering under the blow, but the spring slightly wrinkled in the winds.

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