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Yunfeng Lake of Jilin

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Located the east of the Ji'an city, 40 kilometers away from the upper reaches of the Yalu River, the Yunfeng Lake was not a natural one, but a large man-made reservoir occupying an area of 102.5 square kilometers, the volume of the reservoir area 38.75 billion cubic meters. It has been added on the list of the first AA rated national scenic area by China National Tourism Administration in 2001.

Yunfeng Lake national nature tourist holiday zone consists of Yunfeng hydraulic power plant also known as "The Bright Pearl of Boundary River", the Yunfeng dam that symbolizes the history and friendship of the Chinese and Korean peoples, and the very big artificial lake with a uniform elevation of 218.5 meters above sea level and an area of 102.5 square kilometers.

The high mountains with the hard-featured rocks tower over both banks of the lake where is thickly grown with towering ancient trees. Here you could catch sight of the strange and beautiful sight of cloudy summit rushing into the very heavens. It is indeed a fairyland on earth. You could feel as though you were in a landscape painting. Yunfeng Lake floated against the current, all the way back to the origin of the flow of water. Ridges and peaks are rarely beautiful and the wild flower shaking slightly in many carriages. The cloud and mist are of its infinite varieties and beauties, its grip swiftly downstream received great praise from people.

Of many natural and cultural places of scenic interest, the secluded lake is one of the most fascinating haunts. Illumined by multi-colored lights, the secluded cave looks like a bejeweled world whose brilliant display of color and light makes one gape. Here you could take a boat on the lake and looked afar to the beautiful hills and rivers.

The waterpool which stands high mountains on both banks looks emerald green, contrasting sharply and to each other's advantage with the silk-colored water in the Yunfeng Lake. You could enjoy yourself on a vast expanse of misty and rolling waters. The waterfall would form chains of bead curtain whose limitless expanse of whiteness screens the surrounding scenery that mysterious thin gauze seems to be the beauty of the dreamlike scenery.

Staying among these beautiful spots, the scenery of the songs of birds on the shore and the fish leaping out of water, blue sky and white cloud, green hills and clear water, which makes people experience the boundless imagination and strong shock of natural life. Its magnificent mountains and lakes draw countless visitors each year, which could feast your eyes on the beautiful paintings.

The view was quite pleasing to the visitors and made the people linger on with no thought of leaving. It's the first choice for visitors to experience the essence of returning to the great nature. Even a glimpse of the Yunfeng Lake would gratify one's wish that they really are here. Visitors could not only go sightseeing but also acquire a lot of new knowledge, and visitors would feel that the traveling was not fruitless. 

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