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Zhalong Nature Reserve – The Haven for Protected Red Cranes

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Zhalong Nature Reserve is a wetland natural reserve situated in Qiqihar, Heilongjiang Province, China.This is a beautiful location for watching rare species of water birds and cranes.This state level nature reserve was created in 1979 spread over 2,100 square kilometer is a haven for migratory birds crossing Arctic region to South East Asia.This is also known as a breeding ground for Marsh Grass birds.Tourist can see splendid view of more than 300 species of rare birds, within this protected park.One of the specialties of the nature reserve is the presence of large of group of Red-Crowned Crane birds. Apart from Red-Crowned Cranes, the flora and fauna of Zhalong Nature Reserve are blessed with the presence of storks, swans, ducks, herons, and geese!

Watch the endangered species in a close range!

The Red Cranes are kept in special protected enclaves.This is just a walking distance from the entrance of reserve.The cranes are released for feeding on different times in a day.On your way to the special protected area of Red-Cranes you can see white storks, spoonbills, and white ibis and whooper swans dancing around the area.Meantime, you will experience with euphoria the Red-Cranes fly over your head. Red-Cranes are the star attraction of the Natural Reserve because it is classified as an endangered species.Red-Cranes have nothing to do with red color, only a scarlet of bald patch, but it is a lanky bird of one meter in height with white and black feathers!

Make sure to reach here during the season:

The birds are known for its longevity and have a life span of 60 years!Quite amazing!The birds’ mates rarely and the female bird lay one or two eggs in a year.The birds lay eggs during spring and summer. The male birds stand as a guard till the new babies propped out of the shell. It is amusing to watch that the Red-Cranes livein family. Walking around the reserved is not restricted but discouraged.The best season to visit the reserve is during April to June.The birds start arriving during this season in groups.

“The home the crane” -this is what Zhalong is called because of the rare of species of Red-Cranes are protected here. There are only 15 species of Red-Cranes are left out in the world. Out of this, eight species we can see in China. Among the eight species, you can see six species in Zhalong Nature Reserve.There are about 1,000 types of cranes and we can see 700 types of cranes in Zhalong.

How to make your trip to Zhalong:

Commutation to Zhalong Nature Reserve is very easy.There are plenty of bus services, tourist coach services and taxi services are available from Langsha Lu and ZhanqianDajie.Tourist can also take train services. Cost of bus ticket is CNY 20 per head and the trip will take nearly 40 minutes. The entrance fee is CNY 50 per head.Tourist can have boat ride or Golf Cart drive inside the park.The reserve is opened for tourists all the day.

Well accepted worldwide:

Today Zhalong Natural Reserve is internationally recognized as the special care being taken by the Chinese Authority to protect the endangered species of Red-Cranes.Six of the Red-Cranes that we can see at Zhalong are classified as endangered species.It would be an amazing experience to know that there about 1,000 white cranes and about 200 Red-Cranes take Zhalong as a stopover destination,as a hatching haven and then fly over the Siberian side of Russia.Don’t forget to carry a binocular with you and be prepared to take magnificent photographs of these rare Red-Cranes and keep it as a life time memento!You are in Zhalong Natural Reserve-China!

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