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Zhangmu Town A Little Wonderland in Tibet

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When it comes to Tibet tour, what comes to your head first? Most people would answer the Potala Palace right away. You could be right but there is so much more to explore in the holy land of Tibet. If you want to find a nice escape, somewhere more peaceful than Lhasa, you don’t want to miss the Zhangmu Town. I like to call it the little wonderland hiding deep in the mountain.

Zhangmu town is located in the southern foot of the Himalaya, 2300 meters above the sea level, the border of China-Nepal. It is the only national treaty port in Tibet, about 90 kilometers from the capital of the Nepal- Kathmandu. No wonder it is a perfect mix of different cultures. And that is not all. Wrapped with mountains, the beautiful scenery is what attracts the tourists the most in recent years.

Falls hung on the cliff, hiding in the dense forest, more amazingly, falls more than 100 meters long can be seen in everywhere. Falling water mixting with rocks and rot woods forms white fog, dancing elegantly in the valley. The rich oxygen here can be very important for people suffering from bad effects of altitude. 


The whole town is built on hills, you can’t find a single spot of it on falt ground, which make the trip more interesting. Walking along the streets, stores and hotels are everywhere. The traffic here might be some trouble if you’re in a hurry. There is one bus to Lhasa on Thursday everyweek and comes back in the next Tuesday. But in my defense, travelling and vocation are all arount taking it slow and living with the moment. In that way, it’s not that bad.

A small building with red bricks catches my attention, almost like western buidlings. On the first floor of the red buildings, you can find commodities from different countries, such as perfume from India and Nepal, make-up box, as well as some kids toys from Chinese Mainland.It’s worth mentioning that most of those lovely building are in provate ownership. I guess growing tourists population really does a great work in boasting the local economy.

We get up early in the morning to see the famous fair, everyone is very exciting. On the Friendship Bridge of China-Nepal, businessmen from Nepal carry various goods on their heads, ready to make their fortune and hopefully bring a better life for their family. Sounds of bargain in unpracticed English and Nepalese fill the air. Tourists are looking around the street, afraid of missing any nice bargains. Everyone is trying to make the best of a deal. This is life. People try their best to get what they want, with hardwork, no shortcuts or whatsoever.

If you got enough time, going to Nepal from here could be a great choice. Unfortunely we don’t have that much time, or I would definitely take a trip to Nepal and explore exotic life.

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