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Zhenyuan Ancient Town – A Historically Important Location

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Zhenyuan Ancient Town lies to the east of Guizhou Province. It is an ancient town of ethnic minority Miao with a total area of 1878 square kilometers. The place is well known for the unique architectural works: palaces, pavilions and lots of temples. Besides, rivers and natural landscapes are also the attractive points. There are more than 160 scenic spots which makes the town one of the best tourist spot in Guizhou Province. The Wuyand River Scenic Area is picturesque and the Black Dragon Cave, also known as Qinglong Cave, is beautiful due to its natural wonders.

The black Dragon Cave is a historical temple situated on top of the Zhonghe Mountain. It is a hot tour attraction of the town. The buildings are very special; they are built on the hill and are harmony with nature. The cave was constructed during the Ming Dynasty. It has been periodically maintained since constructed. The longer history they are, the more attraction they have.
Wuyang River is very popular among tourists. Green water, waterfalls, Karst landscapes and steep gorge give a strong impression to people. It is a new feeling cruising on the river.
The ancient roadway is long and complex. A variety kind of roadways is well-preserved. In the historical changes, they have seen the many ups and downs. They are the witnesses of the history and record a lot of meaningful moment.

Good tourist place for all seasons:
Zhenyuan Ancient Town is a historically important cultural city, which attract quite of tourists all over the world. Tourist promotion activities supported by the government and great infrastructural development make the travelling arrangements become easy and affordable. The temperature is comfortable and it is recorded that Zhenyuan has an average temperature of 16.4 degree Celsius. It is very convenient for tourists. Hence, Zhenyuan Ancient Town is a tourist attraction for all seasons.

The Oriental Venice:
The ancient town is located in the ridge of Yunnan - Guizhou plateau, surrounded by a river and lots of mountains. Covering an area of 3.1 square kilometers, the town has eight big guild halls, four caves, nine temples and twelve docks etc. All the buildings are historical relics and show different culture forms. In ancient time, the water transport system has been developed. Generally, people went out to work or do other things by boat. Water route was a main part in the residents’ life. Even today, water transport is also an important trip mode for people. People live near the water and make a living on the river. Owing to the particularly transportation system the town gets a nick name of "the Oriental Venice".

Travel Tips:
It is suggested to go travel by train, because the railway line is very close to the city. Most of the major cities near have connection with Zhenyuan. It takes only 5 hours or less to reach the town. From the railway terminal to the ancient town is only 10 minutes by taking a cab.
Bus route will be easy from Guiyang to Kaili and from Kaili to Zhenyuan. It takes about 6 to 7 hours to complete the journey with a length of 300 kilometers. Entry to the ancient town is free but the Dragon Cave charges CNY 60 per person. Boating on the Wuyang River will cost you CNY 100 per boat.

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