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Zhiliguan Scenic Spot in Gansu

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Zhiliguan Scenic Spot is located within the territory of Lintan County in Gansu Province. Major landscapes have Lianhua Mountain that is one the east of Zhiliguan Township. Its main peak rises to a height of over 3,578 meters, which is known throughout the world for the secluded, wonderful, vicious, and graceful sceneries. It looked from a distance like one flowering lotus.

Zhiliguan forest park accounts for an area of some 79,400 hectares, with forest coverage reaching 63%, the vegetation coverage being 92.0%. The place belongs to the moist plateau climate, with the feature of being alpine cold. Zhimu River intersects the whole district, flowing into Taohe River from west to east, with complex geological structure and unique landscape.

The terrain in the upper reaches of Zhimu river slopes gently, the natural grazing grounds are blessed with the luxuriant pasture plant. The downstream is mainly the gigantic wilderness of immense forest, a little spring of fresh water, the ditch with one winding path leading to a secluded place in suggesting. Lianzhu gorge could stand bolt upright, a forest of picturesque cragged peaks in their infinite variety of forms.

Zhiliguan Scenic Spot is one great holiday resort that has the unique customs and amorous feelings as well as spectacular natural scenery. Zhiliguan forest park is framed like a green emerald in its setting of the northwest of China. There're many quite strikingly beautiful myths and legends as well as the ruins in its praise left behind by scholars and men of letters through the centuries. The West Gorge is located at the upstream of Zhimu River.

The overfoliaged trees are standing at intervals on both banks of the river. Zhimu River is limpid with crystal water. The East Gorge is at the downstream of Zhimu River. The water in the Zhimu River ran very fast and high. The spray is spitting in every direction, the picturesque and graceful green mountain roll over one another.

In my viewing the lake from that Yehai Lake where I stood, the lake water is also settled, blue waves also ripple. The place is within the girdle of blue mountains and green grasses. Wild flowers are blossoming everywhere. At the time of the bitter winter, the surface will freeze. What is even more impressive is that the glaze of ice could display the ice pictures in many different shapes.

Huangnianzi National Forest Park is one natural paradise for animals and plants in the Zhiliguan Scenic Spot that is characterized by the forest biodiversity, the rarities and singularity of growing environment. It's like the brilliant green precious pearl in its setting of the western scenic spot.

The Red Cliff hidden valley is the intriguing and unconventional world in the stirring green area in Zhiliguan Scenic Spot, especially the dominant bare rocks in the rich or light coverage. The debris and soil of thousands of years had appeared the beautiful array of interesting-looking rocks. It is such a place where "people can travel in 'pictures' while boats may sail on water," which could provoke our sense of wonder. 

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