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Zhongnan Mountain Hermits

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In the modern busy society, there are hermits in Zhongnan Mountain living away from the city. Some of them seek for high level practice, while some are going to experience another way of life different from ordinary people. They try to replicate a life like thousands of years ago, but find it difficult far away from the intrusion of modern society all the time.

Zhongnan Mountain is a section of the Qinling Mountains, west of Mei County, Baoji City, and east of Xi'an Lantian County. Zhongnan Mountain is the famous holy land of religious since ancient times. It is both the source of Buddhism and the birthplace of Taoism, many senior monks live here.
Zhongnan Mountain

The main peak of Zhongnan Mountain is located in Chang'an territory, with an elevation of 2604 meters. This picture shows the Cuihua Mountain, one part of Zhongnan Mountain; As well as an inhabited house (also a small temple) deep in the mountain. There are many hidden Taoist temple and huts hidden in the Zhongnan Mountain.
Zhongnan Mountain

Most hermits living here are monks and priests. Of course, some are just the ordinary people without faith. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 5,000 hermits from all over China living in the Zhongnan Mountain. This picture shows a hermit at the Zhongnan Mountain Dayu Shiliping.
Zhongnan Mountain

In Buddhism and Taoism, the priests should go through a strict procedure to practice in the mountain. It means the priests have to stay by side of their masters for three to ten years, only then can go to mountain. In this picture, a 70-year-old hermit who has practiced for over 30 years walk on the cliffs of Mount Huashan as if walks on the ground.
Mount Huashan

Generally, there are some main reasons for ordinary people want to be a hermit: first, those who have got fame and looked for spiritual sustenance and self-cultivation; second, those who suffer setbacks and difficulties in real life and escape to the mountain to get a temporary peace and quiet; third, those scholars who have seen through the world and pursuit the wild mountain life.

In the Dayu Wuli Temple, this hermit lives in a cave which is connected with a river. He sat meditate during the day and sleep at night.
Zhongnan Mountain

Hermits seldom make the fired dish, mostly boiled dish. This hermit was making her food. But she went back Hangzhou after staying here for a month, because it was too cold for her.
Zhongnan Mountain

These two hermits were striking the rock at the back of the mountain, planning to build a big temple hall.
Zhongnan Mountain

There is a middle-aged bearded man playing Guqin beside the Tianchi of Cuihua Mountain. This permit has lived here for almost 20 years, learning martial arts in the morning and playing Guqin in the afternoon.
Zhongnan Mountain

On July 5, 2004, Taoists were practicing a traditional martial arts matrix at Xi'an Eight Immortals Temple. This Eight Immortals Temple was almost burned during the “Cultural Revolution”. Although stood numerous vicissitudes, it still attracts many hermit come here to practice for its great reputation.
martial arts

In this picture, the hermit was walking fast on the sky plank, which is a dangerous cliff of Mount Huashan (Mount Hua).
Mount Huashan

In recent years, due to urban pollution, many people began to travel and explore the original ecological tourism. And the Zhongnan Mountain attracts a lot of tourists because of the hermit in the mountain. 

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