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Zhouzhuang Water Town

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Located at the center of Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou , 52 kilometers away from Suzhou,

Zhouzhuang water town is the most famous water town in China.It is a cluster of ancient towns dating back to the Ming and Qing dynasties.

With a history over 900 years,Zhouzhuang is still a beautiful water town with intact, original architectural style.Most houses in Zhouzhuang are still in the Ming and Qing architecture style .There are over 60 classic brick gatehouse in Zhouzhuang,Shenting and Zhangting are the representatives of them. 

The waterways in Zhouzhuang connect the whole town together.There are many alleys and lanes in Zhouzhuang.Strolling along these alleys and lanes,you can experience this unsophisticated folkway.You can also enjoy the view of local-style houses from bridges.

Zhouzhuang has more bridges than other water town.The most famous one is double-bridge.Except that,there are 14 distinctive bridges .They together build a wonderful "bridges , water , home " landscape.Listen the Kunqu opera,taste the Grandma tea,you will lose yourself in Zhouzhuang.

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