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Chinese New Year with a Twist!


We’re approaching the annual Chinese New Year once again! This year is the year of the Snake, expect a lot snake inspired souvenirs! Chinese New Year is like the western Christmas, but the celebration lasts 14 days! During this period throughout China you can expect to see the color red just about every where whether in the streets, homes or shopping locations. Red lanterns can be seen just about everywhere along with red paper cuttings on windows. There is a major emphasis on Chinese New Year as it is the time where most people can return home and reunite with their families and share this special time with those important to them.

Preparations for New Year begin on the 28th of the lunar calendar which is the day that all the cleaning and decorations are put up. On the eve of the New Year the major event is the “reunion dinner” where all members of the family gather together to celebrate. The following day is the first day of the Chinese New Year where children’s most anticipated red pockets are given! The first day is also dedicated to honor elders and extended family and often the younger generations will visit family to pay their respects. The lighting of firecrackers is often associated with the first day as it is often believed in doing so evil spirits will be chased away! The second day is another important day where everyone is together for the “beginning of the year dinner”, traditionally this day was for married daughters to visit their families.

Chinese New Year would not be the same if there was no delicious banquet! Food varies between different cities so there are lots of delectable treats to choose from. In most households there are sweets, melon seeds, peanuts and chocolates for visiting guests. The traditional New Year cake and radish cake are also popular as a tea delicacy. For dinner a feast can be expected with chicken, duck, seafood and other gourmet!

Such a lively and heartwarming festival spent with the dearest and closest most definitely highlights start of a new year!

Luminous red lanterns decorate most places during the festive period. 

Sweet treats for those with a sweet tooth! There are melon seeds and sugar preserved treats! 

Delicious New Year cakes, taro cake and radish cake will guarantee that you will not be hungry during the New Year! 

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