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Chinese New Year Superstition!


During this celebratory season there are just some things that shouldn’t be done! These superstitions are a big no-no during the Chinese New Year festivities. It is believed that if you do certain things during the Chinese New Year it will bring bad luck for the year! So to be sure not to incur any bad luck on yourself you should check out our superstitious list below…


1. No Cleaning - The household has to be thoroughly cleaned before the New Year's day because it is believed that cleaning sweeps away bad luck from the last year. However, all cleaning equipment should be put away before the New Year's Eve so that good luck is not swept away.


2. No Washing Hair - Though you are encouraged to get a hair-cut on the first day, you're not supposed to wash your hair to ensure that good luck is not washed away.


3. No Books - Book stores are closed on the New Year's Eve as buying books is not allowed. The reason stems from the fact that book is a homonym for lose in Cantonese. However, apparently, there is no restriction on reading.


5. No Shoes - Shoe shopping is restricted on the first day because shoes is a homonym for rough in Cantonese.


6. No Crying - Crying is also a no-no on New Year's Eve that is why children are spared from spanking or punishments on the first day.


7. No Sitting in Bedroom - It is unlucky to meet anyone in their bedroom on the New Year's Eve, which is the reason why everyone, are made to dress up and sit in the living room.


8. Sharp Objects - Handling sharp objects is considered bad omen on the first day of New Year, as it may cut off good fortune. It is suggested that all knives and scissors are put away the previous day.


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