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Nanjing Blooms with Beauty


The annual Nanjing Plum Blossom Festival is beginning to blossom! The festival has been around since 1995 and each year attracts more and more visitors. Lasting for a full month the beautiful blossoms cover an impressive 250 acres, which is spread across valleys. There are an estimated 120 species of plum blossoms and over 35,000 plants.  

As the city flower of Nanjing, the plum blossom along with the Chrysanthemum, Bamboo and orchids are also known as the four most representative flowers of Chinese culture. The popularity of the blossoms date back to thousand of years with literature and artwork dedicated to the symbolic flower.

The best time to visit Nanjing to catch a glimpse of the beautiful blossoms is towards the end of February till the middle of March. Apart from all the walking and the sight seeing there is always time to try out the local delicacies at the food court that serves some of Nanjing’s well known treats! 

Taking advantage of the flowers in full bloom visitors are all seen with their cameras! 

The beautiful plum blossoms brighten up the wonderful scenery. 

Delicious snacks are available when you need to take a rest from walking.

Mouth watering snacks will have you energized to continue your sight seeing. 

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