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Out and About For the Qingming Festival


As April is just around the corner it’s nearly the time for the Qingming festival. This years Qingming Festival falls on the 4th April. The Qingming festival has various other names also known as Tomb Sweeping Day and Ancestors Day. As the name suggests this is the day to pay respect to the ancestors and visit their graves. The term 踏青 Tàqīng can also be heard being used as the festival falls into the first solace of spring and literally means “treading on the green” which is a meaning for people to go out and enjoy the spring and usually this is at the burial grounds of the ancestors. Usually the burial grounds are located up in mountains or places that require some travelling therefore this day is usually treated as a day out with hiking and hill walking as an activity associated with the Qingming festival.

One good way to enjoy the spring weather is to go hiking or hill walking. 


When visiting the graves there is A LOT of essential things that need to be taken in order to pay your respects. Food, wine and tea are compulsory as an offering, also burning essence and saying your prayers before your ancestors. On this day apart from burning essence and joss sticks there are also accessories that are burned. These accessories are made of paper and burned. These are considered things that are needed in the afterlife such as clothes and money. Though with the latest modern lifestyles it’s even possible to buy designer jewelry, iPads, iPhones, cars and even houses to burn for ancestors for their afterlife! 

The graves must be tidied and cleaned with flowers and food offerings made. 


The latest modern essentials for the afterlife!  

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