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Qianmen Historical Culture Festival


Qianmen Street is perhaps one of the most symbolic cultural representations of Beijing. The first festival was held on 7th August 2011 and this year will be its fourth year running. From the 7th-25th August tourists and local visitors can visit the festival and experience the ancient cultural heritage of the street. After undergoing renovation Qianmen Street is the place to visit to capture the essence of old Beijing.

The highlights of Qianmen are the vintage shops where you can buy tea, silks, traditional Chinese cloth shoes and hand crafted items. There are also 21 old brands that will have their own booths that showcase their cultural relics. Also for food lovers this is the best opportunity to taste some of Beijing’s more delicious dishes.

Apart from shopping there are also exhibitions held throughout the duration of the festival for visitors to learn so much more about the heritage of Qianmen. Be sure to make time for the following exhibitions: "History of Beijing Axis", "Qianmen Gadgets and Relics", and "Beijing Old Brands." 

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