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MATTA Fair Prize Draw Results


Dear Customers

Here at we would like to thank all clients who took the time to visit our booth during the MATTA Fair and registered with us. Firstly we would like to apologize in the delay for announcing the winners of our prize draw where results were meant to be announced on the 8th September, due to unforeseen circumstances the prize draw was delayed.

The 6 lucky winners of the prize draw are as follows:

First Winner: Super Relax & Super Shopping 4 Days Guangzhou Tour
Second Winner: Shenzhen Leisure 4 Days Tour
Third Winner: Beijing Muslim 5 Days Tour
Fourth Winner: Giant Panda Base & Art Market 1 Day Tour
Fifth Winner: Essence of Guilin & Yangshuo 4 Days Tour
Sixth Winner: Shanghai Relax & Shopping 4 Days Tour

Congratulations to the above winners and we hope to hear from you soon! Once we receive your reply we will let you know about the tour details and the terms and conditions. Please remember to contact us by Monday 6.00 pm. if we do not hear from you by Monday a new winner will be announced. 

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