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CCTV Announces Top 10 Most Beautiful Villages


On 30th November 2013, CCTV hosted an award ceremony for the Top 10 Most Beautiful Villages in China. The ceremony was held in Yonglian which is located in Suzhou. The top 10 villages were chosen based on ecology, innovation and harmonious culture.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Villages in China:

1. Hancunhe in Beijing

2. Yonglian in Jiangsu province

3. Nahui in Guizhou province

4. Xuexiang in Heilongjiang province

5. Shuizhui in Yunnan province

6. Xidi in Anhui province

7. Pingle in Henan province

8. Huayuan in Zhejiang province

9. Longwan in Gansu province

10. Dazong in Shandong province

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