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Changbaishan Travel Information


Changbaishan Natural Nature Reserve

The Changbaishan Nature Reserve was enlisted as a UNESCO Nature Reserve in 1979 and is the highest mountain in the North of China. The mountain covers an area of over 2,000 square meters and has an impressive forest and wildlife environment.


Changbai Mountain is now an inactive volcano and is estimated to have last erupted several hundred years ago. Gradually water filled the volcanic opening and the heavenly
lake was formed. Due to the geography, Changbai Mountain is always surrounded by white clouds, looking like a precious jade on the heaven. Climate is also an astonishing scene
here because you may find it raining hard on the east and shining warmly on the west. Tianchi has been known for its magnificent and vast view but it is not easy to be lucky
enough for tourists to see it once because of its misty weather. Tourists then have to choose the right seasons to see the wonderful scenery. What attracts tourists more is not
only the landscape, but also the legendary myth of the monster. 


Underground forest is a natural museum with the lowest altitude, ancient trees, medical plants, strange rocks, dangerous canyons as well as rare animals. As scientists introduced, it is formed by the eruption of volcano and leave great mysteries to modern people. These years, more and more travelers come here to appreciate precious scenes and take photos. And scientists try to explore the rare medical plants.

Changbaishan Ski Resort

The Changbaishan ski range has a variety of slopes for beginners, advanced and expert skiers. There are plenty of ski instructors available to those who need lessons on how
glide down a mountain on a pair of skis without falling down. Ski rentals are available along with full and half-day lift passes. The Ski season at Changbaishan resort begins in November and continues through early May and is the only resort in China that offers 7 months of skiing. The ski resort now has 4 lifts and 20 trails and is estimated to add more.

Tickets & Opening Hours

Erdaobaihe County, Tu’an Town, Yanbian, Baishan, Jilin
Telephone: 0433-5710888
Fax: 0433-5710985
Tickets for Changbaishan: 125RMB
Hours: 08:00-16:00

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