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Fuel Surcharge Abolition for Domestic China Flights


Starting from 5th February 2015, all domestic flights in China will no longer charge fuel surcharges. This news comes after 5 months of decreasing the fuel surcharges. Customers will now only be charged CNY50 for Civil Aviation Development Fund and the cost of the domestic flight. In comparison with flight charges in 2014, where flights routes that exceeded 800 kilometers were charged CNY120 that included fuel surcharges.

Over the course of 6 years this is the second time that fuel surcharges have been stopped. It has been reported that Xiamen Airlines and Lucky Air have already issued notices stating the cancellation of fuel surcharges. It is expected that over the next two days other airlines will also issue notices of the surcharge cancellation.

Before the cancellation of the surcharges, on the 5th January 2015, fuel surcharges were as follows, flight routes within 800 kilometers charged fuel surcharges at CNY10 and routes over 800 kilometers charged CNY30.

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