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Beijing Tax Refund Policy


On 1st July 2015, Beijing became the first city in China to offer Departure Tax Refund Policy for tourists. Departure tax refund policy is not only an international rule but also an important factor for attracting tourists from across the world.


The departure tax refund policy has been established in more than 50 countries such as USA, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Thailand, Singapore and Taiwan. Now with the implementation of the tax refund policy this will further boost Beijing as an international tourist destination. 

There are now currently 86 shopping departure tax refund stores in Beijing. Tax refund locations have been set up in T2 and T3 terminals in Beijing Capital International Airport. Overseas tourists who purchase a minimum of 500 Yuan of tax refund items in the same shop on the day can apply for the refund, the tax refund rate is 11%.


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