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Guangdong Costal Highway Longest in the World


The Guangdong Coastal Highway which is reported to become the longest of its kind in the world is estimated to open to traffic by 2025. The highway will stretch 1,875 kilometres to run through 14 coastal cities, 38 counties, 164 towns, 15 industrial parks, 20 new costal districts and 90 scenic spots in Guangdong Province! 


The Guangdong Costal Highway is to incorporate transportation with tourism and will be comparable to California State Route 1 which runs along the Californian coastline which is also one of the most recognized tourist attractions in the world. 


The 1,875 kilometers of the Guandong Costal Highway not only links the beautiful scenery but has created an for tourists to learn about the unique culture of Guangdong. Apart from the scenery tourists can also explore the culture of Chaoshan, Guangfu, Hakka, Qionglei and Silk Road on the Sea. 

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