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TripAdvisor Names the World’s Best Landmarks for 2018


TripAdvisor has announced its annual  Travellers’ Choice Awards for 2018, which celebrate the most popular landmarks  worldwide based on user reviews. Cambodia’s ancient temple complex Angkor Wat  has been revealed as the world’s best landmark for another year. The best-rated  China landmark is Mutianyu Great Wall in Beijing, the only attraction of China  which made it into the world’s top 25 list.

This year, TripAdvisor’s annual Travelers  Choice awards also honor China’s top 10 landmarks.  Mutianyu Great Wall, Tian Tan Buddha, Summer  Palace and Temple of Heaven take the top 4 spots. The fifth most popular  landmark in China is Potala Palace in Tibet Autonomous Region. Meanwhile, four Great Wall sites  including Mutianyu, Badaling, Jinshanling and Huanghuacheng are on the list.  Being the only modern architectural landmark, Shanghai Tower is ranked as high  at No. 8.

Mutianyu Great Wall.jpg

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