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Kunming in Full Blossom


The Camellia has been the designated flower of the historical and cultural Kunming since 1983. Through the years it has not only become an iconic symbol of the city but also a tourist attraction. Early in 1954, the first camellia festival of Kunming was organized in the Green Lake Park, exhibiting about 2,000 pots of camellias. By the 1960s, camellias could be seen in numerous parts of Kunming's streets and today Dongfengdong Road is planted with camellias.

From 22nd-29th January the Kunming Camellia Festival 2013 will commence. The Camellia garden that was unveiled at the end of December occupies an area of 1,500 square meters and is situated in Green Lake Park (Cuihu Park). The garden will consist of over 400 Camellia plants of which 30 are very precious species and will be permanently kept at the park. For this years festival over 10,000 pots of Camellias and 300,000 pots of flowers of a different species will be used to create 14 scenic sights and 125 floral designs in the park. The beautiful blossoms attract visitors from all around the world!

Traditonally dressed lady posing with the colorful Cameillia.

Beautiful Cameillia in full bloom.

Visitor admiring the wonderful blossoms.

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