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Beijing Vintage Bus Service


On 28th September, 12 vintage buses started their services to the public in Beijing, transporting passengers to iconic attractions in the city.The journey starts at Beijing's Yongdingmen Gate Tower, the 15 kilometer bus route passes more than 20 scenic attractions that includes the Temple of Heaven, Tiananmen Square, The Forbidden City and many more sites.

The buses are in operation between 8AM and 5PM, tickets cost 10RMB for a single journey, and 15RMB for a day trip.
Drivers are dressed in Chinese Republican Era style uniforms and conductors are in blue over shirts which are embellished with embroidered peonies.

The bus design was modeled after the trams dating back to 1924. The buses are painted red or green, the floor of the carriage is made of wood and the 28 seats are covered with red leather. The buses have a modern interior powered with electricity and equipped with Wi-Fi and air purification.

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