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6 Days Mythical Yubeng Tour

Route: Lijiang>Feilai Temple>Yubeng Village>Ice Lake>Yubeng Village>Feilai Temple>Shangri-La Lijiang
6 Days Mythical Yubeng Tour 6 Days Mythical Yubeng Tour
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Duration: 6 Days

Located at the foot of Meili Snow Mountain Range,Yubeng Village is surrounded by mountains on four sides, which makes it just can be accessed by two post paths including one on the way to Ninong and the other more convenient one on the way to Xidang .There are just about 20 Tibetan families living there. Due to the extraordinary location, scenery and local living style, Yubeng Village is regarded as a miniature of mysterious Shangri-La and representation of fairyland.


  • Professional local experts.
  • Adventurous hiking routes.
  • Tour cooperation with China’s top professional outdoor club.
  • The tours are join-in group tours.
  • The tour can be tailor-made and altered into private tours.


● First Bend of Yangtze River ● Jinsha River ● Benzilan Valley ● Big Bend of Jinsha River ● Whitehorse Snow Mountain ● Feilai Temple ● Meili Snow Mountainin ● Gorge of Canglan River ● Xidang Hot Spring ● Yubeng Village ● “Camp” ● Ice Lake ● Holy Waterfall ● Xidang/Ninong Gorge ● Niong Village ● Yila Grassland & Napa Lake ● Shangri-La Ancient Town ● Zhongdian ● Tiger Leaping Gorge ● Lashi Lake
Day 01 Lijiang > Feilai Temple
Detailed Itinerary:
Our guide will meet you at 7:30AM at the Lijiang Ancient Town, and then we start off. Travel from the Lijiang Ancient Town to Shigu Town, you will see Yulong (Jade Dragon)Mountain, Haba Snow Mountain and the first bend of Yangtze River. Pass by Jinsha River, we will arrive in Benzilan Town,a main town on the ancient tea-horse road. After having lunch in Benzilan, you will leave for the Great Bend of Jinsha River, where will make you really admire the wonderful nature. Further up the road on the north direction, the next site is White Horse Snow Mountain (4,292 meters high) with the highest altitude in Yunnan Province. Have an overnight at the tranquil Feilai Temple to finish the first day.
Attractions & Activities:First Bend of Yangtze River, Jinsha River, Benzilan Valley, Great Bend of Jinsha River, Whitehorse Snow Mountain, Feilai Temple
Meili Snow Mountain2
First Bend of Yangtze River1
White Horse Snow Mountain1
Day 02 Feilai Temple > Yubeng Village
Day 03 Yubeng Village > Ice Lake
Day 04 Yubeng Village > Feilai Temple
Day 05 Feilai Temple > Shangri-La
Day 06 Shangri-La>Lijiang

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