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Introduction, If you are planning a trip or would like to tell your travel stories, this community is a good place to go. Here you meet the people who share the same interest. You can ask questions, find travel tips, post threads, leave comments, and impress others with great photos you took in the journey. Start by signing up.

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Rated by CNN as China’s Most Beautiful F...
Rated by CNN as China’s Most Beautiful Fairyland! With Scenery that Rivals Semporna
There is a mysterious canyon in China with which is breathtaking and the water is so clear that a boat in the water looks like it’s floating in the air! Some say it is "China's Semporna", others say it is inseparable from the Grand Canyon in the United States, it is also reputed as "Kanas in the South" and "China's Alps". So wher...
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Lateset: please email me itenerary n ground price 15-16 paxx mulism trip to guangzhou 9-13/9/2019

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