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Chinese Tea Ceremony

Chinese Tea Ceremony

The Chinese tea ceremony emphasizes how to produce the best brew from the quality tea. Using various equipment and various procedures the tea ceremony is as follows: 


Step 1-- Rinse out the teapot with hot water.


Step 2-- Put tea into tea pot.
Tip: Don’t use hands or metal to handle the tea leaves. Best to use scoops made of bamboo or wood. The best way to store tea is in a glass jar, in the refrigerator. The amount of tea you add depends on the number of people you plan to serve. Fill the small pot 1/4 to 1/3 full with dry tea leaves.


Step 3-- Heat water.
Tip: According to what type of tea you are making, heat the water to different temperatures. Water for green tea should never be brought to boiling. It should only be heated enough so that tiny bubbles are rising from the bottom of the kettle (about 85°C). 


Step 4-- First,pour the water to the small teapot from the large teapot and stop until the leaves are covered with water. Pour out the water to the small tea cups, immediately after hot water has been poured into the small teapot.This tea is not for drink,it’s to warm the cups.


Step 5-- Refill the teapot with water.
Empty the teacups for the first pouring over the teapot is to keep the teapot warm and helps cure the clay of the tea pot.


Step 6-- Pour out the tea into the tea cups.
It takes only 10-30 seconds to "brew" the first serving of tea.When you have finished emptying the cups over the tea pot,you can pour out the tea from the tea pot into the cups.The add approximately 30 seconds to the brewing time with each subsequent infusion.A good tea needs a minimum of 3 infusions.


Step 7-- When you offer the tea to your guest,you should place the tea cup in a lacquer, wood, or bamboo holder. If you are the guest, receive the tea cup and holder with both hands. Hold the tea cup holder with your left hand and lift the tea cup gently with the fingers of your right hand to drink the tea.Every cup of the tea takes 2 or 3 sips.