Water Splashing Festival

Water Splashing Festival

Place: In Jinghong City, Xishangbanna Prefecture, Yunnan Province
Date: From April 13th to April 15th, each year
Features: Splashing water onto each other

As an annual traditional festival of Dai, Water Splashing Festival is New Year of Dai people in Xishuangbanna.It is one of the most ceremonious traditional festival, usually held in mid-April (ten days before Qingming festival) and last three or four days .

During the festival, the Dai people wear their fancy dress and wash the temple with clean water,then begin splash each other with water.It’s said that this is the way to wash away the old year and greeting the new one.Water is consider as a symbol of holiness, goodness and brightness in Dai culture. The water splashing onto each other symbolizes good wishes.

Visitors can join many activities like playing bean-bag game, seting off firecrackers and flying the Kongming lanterns. The local people will hold cockfights, perform peacock dances and race dragon boats at the same time.

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