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Indian special of Guilin and Yangshuo 3 Days Tour

Cilent : Shekhar Chhajer

Country : India

Date : 09/08/2012

Tour : Guilin & Yangshuo Memories 4 Days Tour

Dear Bob

First of all we thank you for making nice arrangements. Overall we liked the arrangements, professionalism, timeliness and flexiblity.

Our guide, Mr Xiao is a very good guide and I will recommend also when somebody ask next time.

In summary, we enjoyed the trip. Thanks a lot again.

btw: Next we want to go to Jiuzhaiguo next month (not during national holiday but after that) sometime on a weekend (3 days). Do you have any options?

Best regards



can we get Muslim Food for all the day?

Asked by Rahman on Jan.15, 2014 21:31Add Answer


Thanks for your message. It's hard to provide you Muslim breakfast. But Halal lunch and Halal dinner is not a problem. As you are muslim, we have a website designed specially for Muslim people: You can take a view on it.

Answered by Steven on Jan.16, 2014 17:19