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Hong Kong Macau Tour

Cilent : Dharamsi

Country : Tanzania

Date : 12/28/2015

Tour : Hong Kong and Disneyland 4 Days Tour

China tour advisors did an excellent job organizing my tour. It was perfect. The hotel was upto my expectation, the tour guides were all friendly, informative and very punctual. I had the best time of my life. Overall, this tour was worth every penny, so if you are thinking about going then you are looking in the right place. Can't get better than this! Thank you China Tour Advisors!


HI Good evening. Request you to quote for hotel and tour package for Hongkong Macau. Estimate date will be as follows: arrival on 04 June 2016 til 11 June 2016. Places instant to visit - Oceanpark, Hongkong Disneyland, Macau (overnight) and sightseeing tours within the city. Thanks in advance.

Asked by CkT on Mar.08, 2016 21:06Add Answer


(1) We have a 6-day package at USD540 per person if you arrive on 04 June (Saturday). You can book hotel room by yourself, and only book tours and airport to hotel transfers from us, the cost is USD313. (2) Or you might check our day tour list at: Select any tour you prefer! Best regards,

Answered by billy on Mar.10, 2016 18:15


hi good afternoon, how much i will spend if 2 adults and one child 11 year old for 4days 3 nights?is it include for the tickets and hotel?

Asked by kaye on Dec.11, 2015 15:29Add Answer


Hi, Kaye, if the kid does not need an extra bed, the total price for 3 persons is: USD808 (arrive on Sun, Mon, Tue); USD862 (arrive on Wed or Sat); USD888 (arrive on Thu and Fri). Please notice these rates are not available for special holidays such as Christmas and New Year Period. Hotel room, tickets, coach transfers and tour guide service are included. Thank you.

Answered by Yuki on Dec.11, 2015 16:25


How much the cost Disneyland tour?

Asked by joshua lomboy on Nov.22, 2015 16:42Add Answer


Dear Ms joshua lomboy, Thank you. The cost for one day Disneyland tour is USD83 per adult, USD66 per child, inclusive of two ways hotel to Disneyland coach transfer and tickets. Please check more detail, pay by credit card and secure your booking at: Best regards,

Answered by Yuki on Nov.23, 2015 11:10


Is this tour available for February 15-18, 2016? thank you!

Asked by Mariane Manalaysay on Nov.18, 2015 18:40Add Answer


Dear Mariane, Hong Kong and Disneyland 4 Days Tour is available for February 15-18, 2016. We have room allotment in the hotel shown above. If there is no room in the hotel, the price will be changed accordingly. May i know how many traveler in your group and your flight details? Best regards,

Answered by Yuki_Chen on Nov.19, 2015 16:02


HI Good evening. We kindly request for hotel and tour package for Hongkong Macau.

Estimate date will be as follows: arrival on 26 Dec 2015 til 31 Dec 2015. Places wanted to visit - Oceanpark, Hongkong Disneyland, Macau and sightseeing tours within the city. Thanks in advance.

Asked by Junelyn on Nov.04, 2015 03:30Add Answer


Dear Junelyn, I have sent you an email and listed all information necessary. Thank you.

Answered by Yuki_Chen on Nov.12, 2015 15:46


Please quote for 4D/3N stay at 3star hotel, with roundtrip hotel transfer, for the period 04/17/2016 to 04/20/2016. please include tour - disneyland and ocean park. 7 adults & 2 children

tour on 2nd day - Disneyland tour on 3rd day - Ocean Park

Asked by PrescillaPanghulan on Oct.29, 2015 14:09Add Answer


Good afternoon. Dear PrescillaPanghulan. I just send the quote to you by email, please kindly check.

Answered by Yuki on Oct.29, 2015 17:21


We will be in hk by dec 30 ,2015 at 8:pm ..and be back by jan 3 at 9am here in you have tour to offer for the dec 31,jan 1 to 2.. We want to have full day Disney tour by dec 31..what tour will you recommend us for jam 1 and 2..and how

We have to kids with us age 5 and 1yo and my husband..

Asked by Lorena jayzelle panaguiton on Oct.25, 2015 12:08Add Answer


Hi, Lorena, I have sent detail to your email. For tour cost and pickup, it is USD520 for 2 adults and 2 children. Have a nice trip in Hong Kong.

Answered by billybear on Oct.26, 2015 10:24


Price for 4days 3nights w/ disneyland & ocean park tour We have total of 12 pax adult. Travel date is on 25/02/16 - 28/02/16.

please include hotel and meal. This is company trip.

Asked by Anitha on Oct.21, 2015 11:06Add Answer


Anitha, let's fix this program together. I will take every detail into consideration. I will send you an email within today. Thanks.

Answered by Alex on Oct.21, 2015 14:39


Price for 5days 4nights w/ disneyland & ocean park tour.

We are from manila total of 11pax. Travel date is on dec 26-30, 2015.

Asked by Olivia V. Qui?ones on Sep.27, 2015 14:27Add Answer


Hi, Olivia, your travel day is dec 26-30, the accommodation on Dec 26 is expensive than normal days. We will fix the cost and tell you by email within today.

Answered by billybear on Sep.28, 2015 11:39


i want to book a package

hongkong disney tour 4 days

Asked by CHANDRAKUMA on Sep.26, 2015 18:27Add Answer


hI, Our 4day HK and Disnelyand Tour sells at USD305 to USD335 per person for normal days, and I need collect more informastion such as arrival time, No. passengers...I have sent you an mail...

Answered by billybear on Sep.28, 2015 12:31


can I book this for 2 adults from 4/10/15

Tour with hotels . Please send the terms
conditions and how to book

Asked by CHANDRAKUMA on Sep.26, 2015 18:18Add Answer


I will check with the hotel for vacancy of Oct 4 and come back to you. Thanks.

Answered by Yuki on Sep.28, 2015 12:33


why should i pay USD325 instead of USD305

Could you clarify the reason?

Asked by cherry on Sep.16, 2015 11:47Add Answer


Hi, Cherry. Hotel room is expensive on Friday and Saturday in Hong Kong. So when you arrive on Wednesday, you will leave on Saturday, and we need to pay a little bit more for room cost for Friday night. If you arrive on Thursday, we will pay extra for both Fri and Saturday's extra room cost.

Answered by billybear on Sep.16, 2015 11:52