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Anyang Dining

Yu Cuisine is one of the eight cuisines in China . As a famous tourist city in Henan Province, Anyang undoubtedly takes Yu Cuisine as its main menu.There are a lot of noted and epidemic local snacks in Anyang, such as Fried Sanbuzhan, Anyang Three Smoked Meats, Slurry Rice Porridge, Daokou-Style Red-Cooked Chicken, etc. 

Mainly there are dregs of peels in the local delicacies in Anyang, three dip, Anyang blood cake, powder thick liquid meal, Anyang "three smoked", reel off raw silk from cocoons burn, knotweed flower, tough hawthorn cake, etc. , beef of temple and state of forest. 

Anyang Three Smoked Meats (Anyang San Xun, 安阳三熏)

Anyang Three Smoked Meats has a history of over 100 years and enjoy a high fame across the city. Including the smoked chicken, smoked egg, smoked pig´s head meat. Three smoked crafts stress, the materials are strict, operate it conscientiously. The finished product presents persimmons are red, glossy and glittering, fat but not oiliness, thick fragrant smell pure, aftertaste long, cool to wipe out the hot food, go well with wine and go with rice and will do.

Fry three and does not dip (Non-Stick Fries, 炒三不沾)
Fry three and does not dip  is one of Anyang’s traditional dishes with egg yolk as its main raw material, mix with sweet-scented osmanthus candy, white sugar, powder Gorgon Euryale, etc. fried and made. The soft sesame oil of finished product is moist, does not dip in pan, chopsticks, "three is not stained" gain the naming. 

Daokou-Style Red-Cooked Chicken (Dao Kou Shao Ji, 道口烧鸡)
Daokou-Style Red-Cooked Chicken has a history of about 350 years. It needs eight seasonings and is stewed in soup stock. The cooking procedure alone takes 3-5 hours. When eating the chicken, you even don’t need a knife. With just a shake, the meat falls from the bone.

Slurry Rice Porridge (Fen Jiang Fan, 粉浆饭)
Fen Jiang Fan is actually a kind of traditional millet gruel, using peanuts, millet, mung bean slurry and soybean as the main ingredients. This rice porridge is a common food for local people.

Braise dishes in Anyang
The traditional cooked food in Anyang, the kind has the amount of kind six or seven. It have by meticulous "braise sea by dish", "on braise by dish"; Have materials ordinary, price cheap " braise dish" too; There are materials simple "flat powder dishes"; "bean curd in earthenware pot" derived and offered because of using the cooking ware differently, "braising in the sea of the earth pot". Anyang braise because dish various in style, batching precise and appropriate, soup alcohol delicious nutritious to become local famous dish.

Tough temple beef
Slippery temple the north little stockade village as master of county, for process beef industry, to the middle period of Qing Dynasty, villager every family kill ox boil the meat, boil the technology of burning to update. Tough temple beef spend 15 condiments and old year long-used soup, boil, make with charcoal fire. 

Anyang Food Streets
1 Wenfeng Avenue (文峰大道 )
2 the north section of Tiexi Road (铁西路北段)