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Nanning Dining

Nanning food shares the style of Cantonese food and Southeast Asian food. Nanning cuisine features many southern minority groups’ traditional dishes of Yao , Miao, and Dong and Zhang people.

Rice noodles is a very famous local food in Nanning.There is a variety of rice food such as Laoyou rice noodles and Guilin rice noodles.

Nanning Local Food

Laoyou Rice Noodles (Old Friend Rice Noodles)

Laoyou Rice Noodles has a history of more than 1000 years. As the legend goes, a loyal customer drank tea at a Nanning teahouse every day at a set time. Absent for a day after catching a very bad cold, the concerned teahouse proprietor cooked a simple bowl of noodles with garlic, hot and sour chilli sauce, sour bamboo shoots and beans and pork, and sent them over to the sick customer. While eating the noodles, the potent spicy, sour mixture caused the customer to "sweat out" the cold. He made a quick recovery. Grateful for the intervention, the noodles became known as "Old Friend."

Ba Xian Fen (Eight Treasures Rice Noodles)

Ba Xian Fen is another famous Nanning food worth a taste. It uesd to be the royal food in Qing Dynasty. It has more than eight special ingredients land and sea creating a distinguishing taste.

Lemon Duck

Lemon Duck tastes sour and spicy, but very delicious. The duck is neither soft nor oily and has the lemon’s fragrance. Other ingredients include sour chili, sour garlic and sour ginger.