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Zhangzhou Dining

Seafood and braised food are the two main highlights in Zhangzhou cuisine. Based on its rich marine resource, seafood is the material of everyday dishes among local households.

Zhangzhou Noodles with Gravy
With a history over 1,600 years, the dish use local bestows from nature. The gravy is braised with shredded meat, bamboo shoot slices, shiitake mushroom, squid, and dried shrimps. Noodles are boiled to tender and topped with vegetable slices and the gravy.

Braised Food
Materials including chicken, different parts of pork, duck are cooked slowly in braised marinade (sample receipt as that of Noodles with Gravy) over a low flame. Braised meat is then fished out and served in plates.

Steamed Seafood 

Locally fished sea products, such as prawn, coral crab, eel and razor clam, are steamed to preserve their light and umami to the largest extent. The most recommended seafood dish is Samte Oyster, fried oyster meat cake with well-whisked egg liquid, starch, the white section of scallion blended in, and served with paste and chopped coriander.

Hand Grabbed Noodles
This cold noodle dish consumed with hand, just like the way one eats Xinjiang's hand grabbed rice (pilaf), is popular among local households, but not in formal occassions.