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Health & Safety
To make sure your dream trip to the Great Wall goes smoothly we suggest that you make sure your safety and health is your first priority. So we have put together some health and safety tips so you know what to prepare and expect when visiting.
Tips 1. We suggest that you do research before visiting, especially about the different sections of the Great Wall so you know if it’s suitable for your fitness level and if it’s safe.
Tips 2. Checking the weather before making plans to hike the Great Wall is always vital as rain can always prove dangerous and slippery to hike.
Tips 3. Always check out different hiking routes and options to see if it’s suitable for you so you know what to expect.
Tips 4. Make sure you purchase health and accident insurance prior to making your hiking tour to the Great Wall of China.
Tips 5. If you’re planning to hike for several days ensure that you take a first aid kit and any necessary medication.
Tips 6. Check that you have suitable footwear for hiking and the required equipment for the different seasons. We always suggest carrying water and sunscreen for protection.
Tips 7. Take the hike at your own pace and don’t push yourself too much, if you have reached your limit take a rest.
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