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What to Wear
The scenery of the Great Wall varies with the four seasons and you will enjoy different featured scene in different time. What to wear when visiting the Great Wall depends on the time you are going to visit.Temperatures of the Great Wall are usually about 5 degrees lower than the forecasted temperatures of downtown Beijing.But thebasicrule is always wearing comfortable and warm. No matter which season you plan to visit or hike the Great Wall, comfortable sneakers or sport shoes are always the best choice for your feet.
Spring is one of the best times to visit the Great Wall with the green trees and lush vegetation. Though spring has a mild climate in Beijing, it could be chilly in March. It is advised to wear jacket and sweater to keep you warm.
If your visit at the Great Wall falls in summer, always remember to prepare for heat stroke prevention. Sunglasses, sunscreen cream and sun hat are necessities. At this time, you can wear shorts.But it is also necessary to bring a jacket if you will camp at the Great Wall for the evening.
If you happen to see the Great Wall at the best time in autumn when it is full of colorful leaves, you should pay special attention to the temperature difference in the morning and afternoon. Wear a warm coat in the morning and long-sleeve shirts in the afternoon.
If you would like to explore the awesome snow scenery of the Great Wall in winter, it is suggested you dress warmly. Equip yourself with warm jacket, gloves, scarf, winter hat, and ear warmers. If you are going to hike at the wild Great Wall, a pair of gaiters is strongly recommended.
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