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For the summer why not take a trip along the historical Silk Road passing through one of China’s ancient cities Dunhuang where you can see the long history and culture. This month see our newest tour deals for Xinjiang! Xinjiang is known for its vast landscapes from the beautiful Kanas Lake to the intriguing Taklimakan Desert. Be prepared for the ultimate historical trip of China!

The Fruit Valley (Guozigou) is a famous gorge located in Xinjiang's Yining and has the valley streches 28 kilometers. This valley weaves along the rough direction... >> Read More

Kanas Lake, a freshwater lake located in 150 kilometers north of Burqin County of Altay Region in... >> Read More

Chinese Culture ─ Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival, known as Duān wǔ Jié,is on the May 5 on the Lunar Calendar.It’s the holiday to commemorate a great scholar Qu Yuan...

>> Read More

Chinese Food ─ Hui Cuisine

China has developed a lot of traditional festivals of varied forms and rich contents due to the feature of multinational state in

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Hot Deals of the Month

Xinjiang is one of the most alluring and mysterious places to visit. The fascinating culture, beautiful scenery and mesmerizing historical sites will guarantee you an amazing experience! Don’t miss the opportunity to visit one of the most colorful cities of China!

Urumqi Kashgar 6 Days Tour
Urumqi Kashgar 6 Days Tour
Route: Urumqi>Kashgar
This tour will take you to see the international superb Erdaoqiao Market in Uru...

From: USD 1,370 P/P

Kashgar City Tour 4 Days Tour
Kashgar City Tour 4 Days Tour
Route: Kashgar
As a famous historic and cultural city on the Silk Road, Kashgar is a great des...

From: USD 299 P/P

Urumqi and Turpan 6 Days Tour
Urumqi and Turpan 6 Days Tour
Route: Urumqi>Turpan
This is a specially designed tour package for you to get a general idea of the b...

From: USD 723 P/P

Xinjiang Thorough 13 Days Tour
Xinjiang Thorough 13 Days Tour
Route: Urumqi>Kashgar>Turpan>Hetian>Kuqa>Korla
This elaborately designed tour should be a great chance to get a through idea a...

From: USD 2,872 P/P

Urumqi Turpan Hami and Dunhuang 7 Days Tour From $1483 p/p >> Deails & Booking
Urumqi Turpan and Kashgar 8 Days Tour From $1778 p/p >> Deails & Booking
Xinjiang 9 Days Hiking Tour Price according
to detail
>> Deails & Booking

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Don't forget to check out our Win A Free China tour prize draw and keep your eyes peeled, you never know the next winner could be you!

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Ggift China Tour Advisors is proud to announce our Win a Free China Tour prize draw has begun! At the end of each month we will announce one lucky winner of our monthly big prize! Good luck to all the entrees and you never the know the next winner could be you!

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