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Silk Road Heritage Tours

Travel the legendary Silk Road of China and discover the history & culture behind the extraordinary network of trade that spread across Asia, Middle East & Europe. Tour the major cities of the past Silk Road & explore the fascinating cultural relics left behind in time.

Silk Road Culture & Tips

The Silk Road was a cultural bridge between China and the West. The most notable cultural exchange was the introduction of differents religions being introduced into China. Buddhism was spread across the Silk Road with notable Buddhist monks from India spreading the practice of the religion. Cities along the Silk Road such as Dunhuang was...

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Food & Cuisine of Silk Road

A Silk Road tour not only provides experience of mysterious, cultural, historical and exotic to meet physical and psychological needs, it also has abundant tasty food to satisfy your appetite and stomach. Xi'an food, Lanzhou food and Xinjiang food would make you never stop. Now let's get a close look at those classic and popular delicious foods along Silk Road.

> A Bite of Silk Road - Xi'an & Lanzhou
> A Bite of Silk Road - Xinjiang