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Gala dinner in Guilin

Reedflute Cave-Crystal Palace Wine Party

Reedflute Cave-Crystal Palace Wine Party

Reedflute cave Located at the northwest of Guilin City, 5 kilometers away from the centre of the city.The cave is a famous scenic spot, mainly offering a magic fairyland of stalactites, stalagmites, stone columns, curtains and flowers in fantastic shapes and colours while appreciating landscape and rural scenery. The length of the cave is 240 meters, whereas the whole distance of touring can last 500 meters. There are too many things for the eyes to take in. We will enjoy the Reedflute cave-crystal palace wine party in this amazing place. Former u.n. secretary-general WaErDeHaiM praise crystal palace "like the United Nations conference hall, but more beautiful than the hall." The reed flute cave is known as: the first seat cave club.

Area:300 square meters

Capacity:300 Pax


  • (1) an flower frame at entrance
  • (2) DVD player, sound equipment, lighting equipment
  • (3) retrofitting light bule backlight, night light, steet light
  • (4)Any special requirements will arrangements can not guarantee
  • (5)Every table 10 person
  • (6)dedicated Long dinner table for Buffet table, According to the season to adjust
  • (7) Dining tables with art flower arrangement, other table with green small plant and the battery desk lamp.
  • (8)Good guide service(40pax per guide)
  • (9)Safety, good quality food, drinks and catering service
  • (10)High quality security service, ensure order, vehicles, property security
  • (11)Provide good environment and health services

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