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Shopping & Nightlife in Beijing

1. Qianmen Street Qianmen is the common named for the gateway formally known as Zhengyangmen (Sun-facing Gate). It is located south of Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City on Beijing's historic central axis. The 840-meter Qianmen street starts from the north at Jianlou (Arrow Tower) and runs south until Tiantan Road. Qianmen Street is intersected by the famous Dazhalan Hutong, where ancient Chinese medicine shops, fine silk clothing and age-old handicrafts. This is the most traditional market street to see in Beijing and is a good place to buy silk or traditional Chinese medicine in the old shops there.

2. Xiushui Market  Silk Street is a shopping center in Beijing that accommodates over 1,700 retail vendors ,you can bargain in the shop.The silk street got its name in 1985 when more and more vendors began to sell traditional Chinese silk products and crafts. Its repute spread fast, more and more customers and travelers are attracted by the reasonable price of its products. The former Xiushui Silk Street is an outdoor market. Since 1985, Xiushui Silk Street has been popular with overseas tourists who have flocked to buy counterfeit and knock-off luxury clothes and accessories.


3.Yaxiu Market
 Located on Sanlitun Road, Chaoyang District, near the northeast embassy area, is similar to the Silk Market, It's an indoor 4-floor store,Beijing's clothing Bazaar .It is also described as crowded. It's full of fake designer, jeans, shoes and ladies wear and so on. You can find a lot of clothing and daily necessities on the first and second floor. Good tailors can be found on the third floor. The fourth floor is a fine hunting ground for souvenirs and gifts -- there are kites from Weifang in Shandong, calligraphy materials, army surplus gear, tea sets, and farmer's paintings from Xi'an (laughably claiming to be originals by Pan Xiaoling, the most frequently copied artist). The basement and the first two floors house a predictable but comprehensive collection of imitation and pilfered brand-name clothing, shoes, and luggage.


4.Wangfujing Street
  Wangfujing Street is the most famous commercial street of Beijing, the history of which is more than a hundred years. It starts from East Chang’an Street in south to China Art Museum in north with the whole length of 1.5 kilometers. As the time being, the street becomes a broad and comfortable pedestrian mall. Along the Wangfujing Street, many large commercial malls, specialty shops, time-honored shops, restaurants with characteristic flavors and food stores are located. The most famous, for example Beijing Department Store, New Dongan Plaza, Art and Craft Store, Herbs shop, Shengxifu Hat Store, Tongshenhe Shoes Store, Wangfujing Xinhua Bookstore, Oriental Plaza.

5.Xidan Shopping Mall
Lying 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) west of Tiananmen Square, Xidan Commercial Street is called 'the second Wangfujing' in Beijing.Starting from Xuanwu Gate in the south, the commercial street is 5.4 kilometers(3.4 miles) long. The history of Xidan can be traced back to the Ming Dynasty(1368-1644). At that time, it was an essential crossing leading to the downtown area from southwest of the city. Since then, this area has blossomed as a commercial center in the western part of Beijing City. Now, Xidan Commercial Street is known as one of the three most famous commercial centers in Beijing, together with Wangfujing Dajie and Qianmen Da Zha Lan. It consists mainly of food markets, clothes stores and commodities. The street is an international, modern, commercial combination of shopping, dining, recreation and culture.

Shichahai bar street The Shichahia Bar Street is the famous area in Beijing and is a place where traditional Chinese and western culture hits. When the first bar opened at a common Siheyuan (quadrangle courtyard) in the area in 2000, there were only approximately a dozen of bars in the Shichahai area. Three years later, a great cluster of new bars surged in the area within half a year and now over 120 ones welcome visitors from all corners of the world every evening. In recent years, the bar street in the Shichahai area has been one of the most bustling places of Beijing in the evening. For people who visit Beijing and prefer killing time in a bar, Shichahai is without any doubt an ideal choice.

7. The place  
One of the newest shopping mall in Beijing located in the newly developed Central Business District. There is a streetwalk boulevard with Asia’s largest skyscreen overhead -- all integrated to create a pleasurable and fashionable environment in the CBD arena. However if you find the butterflies and seascapes that flash up on it all a bit too much, head straight indoors to the tri-level mall which houses Spanish fashion chain Zara and Canadian shoe retailer Aldo’s flagship store. 

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