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Shopping & Nightlife in Guangzhou

Up and Down Nine Street

Up and down nine, the famous commercial street is located in the shang xiajiu old, and is the Guangzhou three traditional prosperity business centers with a long history, featuring the lingnan architecture culture, temporary culture and folk customs, and gradually form the shang of match well of Chinese and western style characteristics.

Yanjiang Road Bar Street

Yanjiang Road, located at the pearl river with elegant environment.,begins at Renmin Nanlu, travels along Changdi to Jiefang bridge, finally to Tianzi Pier. Many bars, restaurants and KTV stations are to be found on Yanjiang Lu along the banks of the Pearl River. This is a place with a lovely landscape and a uniquely convivial bar ambience.

Guangzhou station watches city

Guangzhou station west watches the city is a collection of clocks and watches wholesale, retail, repair, brand services for an integrated business city, since 1986, from scratch, from small to large, after 10 years of development, has now become the country and the world's largest wholesale watches professional market

Hong Kong and Guangzhou leather city of leather goods City
Hong Kong and Guangzhou leather city of leather goods brand positioning is the highest concentration of headquarters of hundreds of leather goods, leather goods brand, is currently Guangzhou 's largest, most comfortable shopping environment and management of the most modern in the high-end leather goods wholesale market.


Guangzhou White Horse Clothing Market

Guangzhou white horse clothing market is the largest in Guangzhou, the best decoration, supporting the most complete, most standardized management, the largest trading volume in the high-end clothing market. The white horse clothing wholesale market, Guangzhou clothing wholesale industry leader, mature women are, price for similar clothing wholesale market to mature with highest, style, fashion style is many

A-De Road Dry Cargo Market
A-de road dry cargo Market has become a famous national and professional street for Dry cargo seafood and spontaneously formed seafood bar, and is also the history of guangzhou famous seafood street. In the more than 1000 meters of professional the street, has 200 spacious and shops, five large indoor wholesale market, all kinds of seafood, food groceries kind of 1600, mainly with the traditional "or" shops to give priority to. It collects the non-staple food from all over the country and groceries, up to one thousand yuan 500 grams of Australian sea tiger wing, the bohai sea dalian abalone, down to ten yuan and even a few yuan of central China, south China lotus seed, northwest fans day lily, southwest a bamboo. Everything, the well-known throughout the country.


Beijing Road

Beijing road walking street is located in the center of guangzhou city, guangzhou city building is in the beginning of the seat, is one of history's most prosperous business clothing distribution centre department footwear catering jewelry primarily .


Days and a Shoe City
Days and a shoe city is located in Guangzhou city center station on the West 2022 footwear, experienced 9 years of wind and rain, became the station west road is the earliest one of the wholesale market for footwear. Days and a shoe of one to nine layers of the area amounts to ten thousand more than 4000 square meters, operators households amounted to over 250 households, the main domestic, outside the wholesale footwear, with men's mainly

White Sticky Goose Down Pool Customs Bar Street

Guangzhou as the most attractive Hong Kong languifang entertainment xinpu fang village at white sticky goose down pool customs bar street, a YuFang village street flowers connects road, east up fangcun go chung, west to the flowers, completed in 1600, the south reliance lu Ming in the road's fangcun avenue flowers such as traditional central business district the road, north and the sand, the white swan hotel separates the river.

Shamian Style Street

Shamian, previous known as Zhongliusha or Shicuizhou, is an elliptic sandbar in the Liwan District of Guangzhou City. The island's name literally means "sandy surface" in Chinese. Surrounded by water, Shamian is just like a giant ship mooring alongside the wharf. Shamian Street 1 to Shamian Street 5 divide the whole area into 12 parts, with various buildings, namely White Swan Hotel, Shamian Hotel, and Poland Consulate in Guangzhou, scattered around.
Here was British and French concession, with many of European architectural style building, feel exoticness.

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