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Shopping & Nightlife in Shenzhen

Shenzhen Citic City Plaza (the largest open square shopping center)
Citic City Plaza is a high-end shopping mall in Futian district and is also the largest open square shopping center in Shenzhen , the street bar located in the square , composition by 10 transparent glass bar house, the most unique is each bar sell only one country's wine and drinks, such as Britain and Italy and Germany France Japan。The most of the shops are luxury international brands. If you want some Gucci, DG, Louis Vuitton, Polo, Tommy Hilfiger, Versace, Calvin Klein, Christian Dior etc, then Citic plaza definitely has all you need.

 The MixC Shopping Mall

The MixC has been leading the new life style trend by advocating new international shopping ideas and exhibiting its elegance and fashion. All can be found in this over 200,000 square meters palace are international brands, top fashion, entertainment, cultural life, both eastern and western cuisines and so on.You can enjoy :World Classics Shine Here.Wonderful Fashion Experience .Endless Happiness Here.

Coast City

New concept shopping center
Coastal City is a big luxurious shopping mall in Shekou, very near to the Shekou bridge to HongKong. It's a huge complex with man good restaurants such as Tairyo Teppanyaki (Japanese all-you-can-eat), Thai food, Italian restaurants, Shanghai cuisine and much more. At the ground floor there is also a Jusco supermarket. Inside Coastal City is an ice skating ring, Poly International Cinema and next to the shopping mall is a good theater in the shape of an egg: Poly Theater .

Dongmen Old Street

Dongmen Pedestrian Street is a commercial area in Luohu that’s been ticking away for over 300 years, and has long been one of Shenzhens most popular places for clothes shopping. There’s a lot of cheap stuff here, some of it cheap due to the quality, but there’s also plenty of really good gear to be found at great prices.Shenzhen Dongmen east old street is the oldest downtown, now it is also shenzhen's most popular street.Anything you want can buy from here.


Huaqiangbei is the largest electronic products trading, not only international advanced digital products, but also such as domestic mobile phone and low-end fortress in accessories, you can always find here.

LuoHu Commercial City

Luo Hu Commercial City is one of Shenzhens most well known shopping locations due to it’s location, size and it’s diverse range of goods on offer. It’s located at the Luohu Border, directly across from the Shenzhen Railway Station, and features 5 floors packed with independent retailers selling a diverse mix of goods.Here you can find mens, womens and childrens fashion, electronics, toys, curios, watches, jewellery, craft and much more.

Sea World

Sea world is the original French built a ship luxury cruise ships, 1973 buy China, it will be transformed into a sea of China the first tourist center。
Now, on the world near the coastal square, home to more than 40 is permeated with the beauty of the world of exotic open bar, attract many foreign nationals to the leisure entertainment, gradually formed shekou languifang bar street。 here is shenzhen”PUB cultrue peripatetic, shenzhen nightlife must-enjoy place 


Coco Park is a modern shopping complex located at the GouWuGongYuan subway stop. It is built partially above and partially underground with a large open area in the center. The street level has various expensive clothes shops, but on other levels there are various restaurants and even some bars and a starbucks coffee. COCO Park
reference southeast Asia bars mode of operation ,like round-the-clock operation during the day, people here can enjoy delicious meals, killing time in the bar.

Lili Marlene bar

Lili Marleen is located in a what resembles a regal manor house, with more chandeliers than sense and enough neon lights to concern the local electricity grid. Lili Marleen is a bar which is is characterized with European retro and Post-industrial Era.
Live bands, singers and DJ providing excellent music for your entertainment. Eeuropean style of the late thirties meets modern technology with colorful chandeliers next to six hundred disco lights, real instruments and industrial parts merged into the furniture.

3D Bar

Shenzhen 3D Bar is located in Citic City Plaza international bar street. It has the advantageous environment which help to play three degrees with much more appropriate style and taste. All the glass building can more show incisively and vividly of various countries .Well-known beer in glass wall surface is everywhere over the all countries and some text with explanation displaying the beer picture. The bar with beer culture not only let people know all kinds of different beer tastes but also learn a lot about beer culture and knowledge.


One of the most popular bar in Shenzhen.
It’s located on the Jiabin Rd. Luohu District(Opposite the King Glory Plaza) and is a combination of a drinking bar downstairs with singers and RnB hip hop music, a large plush karaoke section with reasonable minimum fees and no hourly charges, and a Jazz bar that will open soon. It is a rare bar in a free standing building.

Le Yuan Lu Seafood 
The most famous seafood street in Shenzhen downtown, both tourists and local residents enjoy a delicious seafood here. This street is a sight to be marveled at. Le Yuan Lu is one of the few places you can pop into at 4am after a hard night on the town and have some freshly cook lobster of your choice. Le Yuan Lu is more alive between the hours of Midnight and 6am than the usual dinner hour. When you arrive here, you will be flocked by hawkers trying to bring you to their restaurants. Slowly take your time to look over all the fresh seafood.

Yan tian Seafood Street

There is a famous saying in Shenzhen, "If you want to ear seafood, just go to Yantian." We can see from that the seafood in Yantian must be very delicious. In fact, the seafood in Yantian is not only delicious but also very cheap. Why? Because Yantian is closed to the sea. It's a Coastal seafood street, enjoy the delicious & beautiful sea view, what a wonderful life.
The Yantian food street has a seafood wholesale market and a dried seafood market apart from restaurants. It offers seafood in a wide variety at low prices. Lobsters, King crabs, abalones and whelks are very fresh and palatable. They are worth to have a try.

 Kingway Beer Square
The Kingway beer brand is owned by Kingway Brewery Holdings Limited (formerly known as Guangdong Brewery Holdings Limited). Kingway took the lead in advocating brewing beer without adding formaldehyde. All of its subsidiary breweries use state-of-the-art brewing technologies and apply environmental considerations, thereby ensuring consistently good taste and quality. You can enjoy Barbecue, beer, t he World Cup,with the low consumption and enjoy  the heaven of night life here.


Honey Lake Country Club

The China amusement Park is Located in the center of Futian district, Shenzhen City and is the earliest and largest tourist resort with services of food, hotel, tourism, entertainment and shopping. With the good name of Eastern Disney, the country club is the largest Amusement Park in China. Visit for exciting, breathtaking and stimulating experience, It is equipped with more than 30 large amusement equipment imported from Japan, and Italy. Many of the barbecue outdoor bar together here, Leisure heaven of office workers.

The Royal Holiday Leisure Centre

This is a venue that embodies the best Shenzhen has to offer in terms of sauna & massage clubs.  It is a one-stop shop for water therapy, sauna, spa, beauty treatments, and gourmet meals – with upscale décor to boot. Royal Holiday has over 300 suite rooms and an area fitted with large spa capsules to fully relax customers after their water therapy session. The water therapy section at the venue can accommodate up to 5,000 people at a time – with separate pools for men and women, dry and humid sauna rooms, whirlpool bath, man-made route for rafting and a play pool for children etc. 

  1. Hydrotherapy
  2. sauna
  3.  Massage
  4. Foot massage

Pacific sauna

The most famous one of leisure entertainment center in Shenzhen
The Pacific sauna is shenzhen yongsheng investment development Co., LTD in the shenzhen famous brand after another big pot for! Peace sauna center is modern bath concept set sauna, health care, a chess, beauty, western food, bars and other multifunctional integration of a large comprehensive entertainment center. The center is located in the commercial culture center- lo wu-Pacific business building, the business area more than 8000 square meters, a total of three floors.

  1. Sauna
  2. Massage
  3. Foot massage

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