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Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is the biggest and best-preserved temple as well as a significant religious center in Angkor relics. Angkor Wat is famous for its magnificant architecture and intricate embossment. The total area of Angkor Wat is an estimated 60 square kilometers, shaped by more than 600 temples, cities, buddha and the grand architectural complex. All architecturals are piled by stones without any binding material. The first floor mainly displays Hindu fairy tales in pictures and the second layer is mainly about different religious designs.

The temple was built by Suryavaraman II who wanted to build a large scale grotto temple as the capital of Angkor dynasty as well as his own mausoleum and it took 35 years to build the temple. The Angkor dynasty moved to Phnom Penh in AD 1434, the relics were gradually lost in the tropical jungles, it was not until the mid-19th century when the Angkor Wat was discovered. The importance of Angkor Wat can be compared with The great wall in China, Pyramids in Egypt and the Borobudur in Indonesia. 

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