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Guangzhou Essence 4 Days
Muslim Tour
Centrally Located Hotels
From: USD 103 p/p
From:USD 93 p/p
Charming sightseeing
English speaking guide service
Halal meals at local restaurant
Guangzhou 5 Days Muslim Tour
Centrally Located Hotels
From: USD 135 p/p
From:USD 125 p/p
Authentic Halal Food
Charming sightseeing
Beijing Essence 5 Days Muslim Tour
Muslim Special Offer
From: USD 194 p/p
From:USD 182 p/p
Culture activities in Beijing
Halal Meals
English speaking Guide Service
Beijing & Tianjin 6 Days Muslim Tour
Muslim Special Offer
From: USD 303 p/p
From:USD 291 p/p
Halal lunch & dinner
Charming sightseeing
English speaking Guide Service
Shanghai Essence 4 Days
Muslim Tour
Muslim Special Offer
From: USD 125 p/p
From:USD 120 p/p
Centrally Located Hotel
English speaking guide service
Shanghai & Suzhou & Hangzhou 5
Days Tour
Centrally Located Hotels
From: USD 112 p/p
From:USD 106 p/p
Authentic Chinese Food
Charming sightseeing
Shenzhen Essence 3 Days
Muslim Tour
Private tranfer during the whole From:USD 73 p/p
Private English Speaking guide
Charming sightseeing
Entrally Located Hotel
Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou
5 Days Muslim Tour
China Visa
Muslim Special Offer From:USD 265 p/p
Budget Tour
Land tour
English speaking guide service
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