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It's time to make plans for a summer getaway! has the most delightful and adventurous tour packages that entertain young and old! Our extensive products provide endless possibilities for you and your family. Venture into China for a fantastic heritage tour that will prove to be enjoyable yet interesting! Make the most of this summer holiday with the family! Experience an enlightening trip that will broaden your horizons and captivate you with its wonderful sites and ancient heritage. You don't want to miss this opportunity! Don't wait any longer! See our latest tour packages for more information!
  Experience a magical journey with one of our train tours which will have you amazed with the most amazing scenery and locations. Our train tours are designed for those who want to enjoy the essence of every city and capture the rich culture and heritage.
China Splendid 8 Days Train Tour
Chinatouradvisors presents you a wonderful Beijing Xian Shangahai tour! Please don't miss it!
From USD 787 P/P
From:USD 737 p/p
Offer Expires: 30th June
Beijing and Shanghai 6 Days High-Speed Train Tour
You will enjoy the most famous attraction in Beijing & Shanghai, and also try a high speed experience!
From USD 494 P/P From:USD 464 p/p Offer Expires: 30th June
  Here at China Tour Advisors our Classic China Tours are always the top choice amongst clients. Our Classic Tours provide the ultimate tour of China, taking you and your family to all the famous must-see sights and locations and providing you with the unforgettable experience of China.
China Dreams 11 Days Tour
Ideal for Families. This11-day's tour will take you to the origin of the dreams....
From USD 1532 P/P
From:USD 1482 p/p
Offer Expires: 30th June
China Relaxation 11 Days Tour
From China's most famous historical sites to dreamly Yangtze River Cruise, These 11 days will take you ...
From USD 1602 P/P
From:USD 1552 p/p
Offer Expires: 30th June
China Essence 8 Days Tour
Great choice for first time to China ! 8 days of ancient culture and modern miracles. The mysteries of the ...
From USD 1054 P/P From:USD 1014 p/p Offer Expires: 30th June
  The mysterious Tibet is the ideal destination to visit for those who are on a mission to uncover some of the most magical wonders and scenery. Be prepared to be amazed with what our Tibet tours have to offer, taking you to the most unimaginable locations that will surely have you captivated.
Tibet Tours Lhasa Essence 4 Days Tour
Traveling in Tibet, Lhasa-the capital & holy city, is not only the first stop, but also where you may enjoy the ...
From USD 353 P/P
From:USD 335 p/p
Offer Expires: 30th June
Tsedang, Shigatse, Base Camp, Lhasa 8 Days Tour
This tour will leave a great impression in your mind of Tibet!
From USD 905 P/P
From:USD 860 p/p
Offer Expires: 30th June
  For those who are seeking an active adventure our Special Activities are definitely for those who are up for a challenge. Taking a hiking trip across the Great Wall will prove to be exciting with the limitless scenery. For animal lovers a visit to Chengdu will have you amazed at the Panda sanctuary where you can get up close and personal with the adorable creatures.
Panda Keeper and Chengdu Highlights 4 Days Tour
Would you like to get closer to and know the Giant Panda better? In this tour, you will be a volunteer ...
From USD 367 P/P From:USD 327 p/p Offer Expires: 30th June
Beijing Essence & Great Wall Hiking 5 Days Tour
Capture the essence of Beijing during this 5 day tour where you will be taken to the most famous...
From USD 344 P/P From:USD 314 p/p Offer Expires: 30th June
  If you're in search of a relaxing trip why not try our golf tours at some of the most luxurious and prestigious locations where you can enjoy great leisure time and experience some of the top class services and resorts.
Kunming Golf 5 Days Tour
Arrival at Kunming, transfer to Spring City Golf & Lake Resort to check in, play 18 hole golf? at Lake Course...
From USD 1157 P/P
From:USD 1041 p/p
Offer Expires: 30th June
Sanya Golf 3 Days Tour
DAY 1 Arrival at Sanya, transfer to Haitang Bay-Sheraton to check in DAY 2 Hotel breakfast, play...
From USD 429 P/P From:USD 343 p/p Offer Expires: 30th June
Mission Hills and Genzon Golf Club
DAY 1 Enjoy a round of 18 hole golf at Mission Hills Golf Club--Els Course DAY 2 Play 18 hole at...
From USD 778 P/P From:USD 623 p/p Offer Expires: 30th June
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